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Swimwear for Nudist ?

Do men who enjoy bathing without swimwear should have a piece or two of swimwear in their closet ?

First thought is, nudist men do not need swimwear. Why should they ? They bath naked, they walk around nude beach naked, they do cooking naked, they do sport naked.

But on some occasion even nudist men need swimwear. For example going to spa resort, when specific rules instruct visitors that nudity is prohibited. Sometimes even for rehab from physical injuries when it is really not propriate to do exercises naked in front of nurses or physiotherapists. In those cases men need swimwear. VittoriSwimwear got clients who are basically nudists but in such cases they need good-looking swimwear. They mostly choose boxer type, Storm is most popular. You can also find other models on etsy  shop


Natura Parendo Vincitur – we can only obbey the nature

By finding a positive result in every situation. No matter if the situation looks hopeless at first sight.

When we moved living to present location, we were very proud about having our own property. Behind the house we had small piece of land dedicated to the football pitch for our boys, aged seven and eleven. The “pitch” was covered with green grass. Then we met our first neighbour Greg, who seemed to be very nice. Greg had just planted cypresses on the fence line. When we had a chat over the  fence, his talking was like he knew all about gardening and about the life of cypresses especially. We shouldn’t be worried he wouldn’t let the cypresses go over the reasonable height, he was trying to persuade us. We expected that the cypresses would look like the pictures of Tuscany landscape.


As the time went by, cypresses grew and grew, Greg was less and less interested in talking and chatting. When the cypresses were growing, we couldn’t see him anymore, and then we couldn’t even see his house. The cypresses were almost 10 meters high. The cypresses were planted too dense so the sunlight couldn’t warm the ground behind them. Moss was spreading very quickly. Greg was always saying he was looking for a gardener who would cut the trees.

Of course we weren’t happy observing how our football pitch shrank to its minimum.

But as I said Art is when you find a good thing in a bad situation. We couldn’t cut the cypresses since they were on neighbour’s side of the fence. So we used the cypresses as a backdrop for shooting some photos of our swimwear.

This is the result. Storm and Fresco


We didn’t argue with the neighbour at all. Last summer surprisingly Greg hired the forester to cut the cypresses for a few meters.

Elegance and Swimwear

I worked in several companies where dress code was as written rule. Very formal 4 days a week and Friday was a casual day. Many meetings were held on quite high level. Important persons were present, so we had white shirts, suits as dark as possible and ties that matched the suits. Women participants had more options, as always. Be it as trousers + blouse + jacket or skirt + blouse + jacket. Usually over 30 people were attended on those meetings, especially on Monday mornings when previous week activities were discussed and plan for common week were presented. As so many people were involved in debate, sometimes I had opportunity to observe how men were dressed. Half of them with black suits, tie with angled stripes and white shirt as mentioned before. I was little bit younger as I am today so I had taken some risk and wore some different ties, with motive with planes, snoopies, bikes, rewards, clocks, elephants, bees and even strawberries.


I had adequate suits so the patterns match the ties. I must confess I felt very “casual” wearing such kind of ties. I was noticed.

Of course there were also some very important meetings with presence of secretaries of state, members of their cabinets and other important men and women. There I couldn’t wear such “funny” ties, I needed to pick more serious ties.




CIMG7993As owner of Vittori Swimwear Brand thinking about the patterns on the new model for the new collection, had in mind, why not offer something elegannt. On our last visit to Fabric Stock in Noventa di Piave (Italy) I saw beautiful fabric very elegant pattern, black fabric with vertical stripes. Perfect for men who seek elegance even when having holidays. Our model called “Elegance” was born. But our swimwear wouldn’t be so simple as looks at first sight. To create contrasts we reverse the fabric on the waist part.


Wearing Vittori it couldn’t happen

Late June, end of school-year. Our first daughter has finished her first class. Class ceremony when so called certificate would be presented to their parents. Of course in the middle of morning so I needed to take day off. Remembering my first class school end, no ceremonies, we’ve got small booklets with written school assessment. No big deal. But since those times almost two and a half decades have elapsed. School system has changed several times. Now-a-day school certificate aren’t the same, only written words describing what knowledge child has managed to learn. First read sentences, first calculations up to 10. First class pupils aren’t 8 years ones, they’re one year younger. Children are growing up so our worries where are they going to spend holidays. Who will look after them while parents are at work.

My parents invited all family members for a small party to gather together. We sat on the terrace, ate a lot and drank a little less. Adults were solving world problems exchanging our opinions about world crisis, about sport and about weather of course, while children played with balls and balloons on the grass.

My parents had a camper, usually put it in a camp on the coast for two month. It became their second home. My family visited them for a week or so, depending on weather. What is more is too much, few days is nice, after that all human troubles came up. That summer my parents asked us whether it would be ok if our daughter could spend some days with them in their camper. Few days were meant few worries less. It would not be the first time that they took our daughter with them. They came quiet ok together. When ? I asked. First Monday would be perfect. Shouldn’t worry, weather would also serve us, my mother said. Obviously she considered all possible questions and had prepared answers.

We would visit them next weekend. With my partner we were quiet disoriented without our little daily radio. Although we had much of the time to spend for ourselves, honestly our minds were on the coast, with our daughter. We hardly waited when we could go to the coast to check how they were going on. Surely my mother would ring immediately if something went wrong. But no calls no troubles, it seemed.

Finally weekend arrived. We got up early to avoid traffic jams on the highway. To that First summer weekend weather was predicted to be really nice and warm. No troubles on the way. We parked our car outside of the camp, one camping place inside one car beside. No problem for us.

Daddy, daddy, mummy, mummy ! We heard our daughter across the camping area when she saw us walking towards her. Big hugs, never ending hugs. Everything was perfect, my mum said. My dad agreed, they’ve had great time. Perhaps they would extend their holidays for a few days.

Our princess took my hand, jumped into my laps and started were quickly the résumé happenings of the previous week. They hired small boat, so small they all could barely enter into it. My dad took the paddles started to paddle slowly taking all attention on the safety of their two ladies. After few minutes our daughter whispers to my mum. Look granny, our grandpa had some problems, his ‘eggies’ peered out from under his swimsuit, with small laughs they realized, grandpa’s swimsuit was really out of date. Yes, he would need new ones.

When I heard that story, I said to my dad, it would never happen if you wore modern swimsuit. My mum agreed immediately grandpa needed new swimsuit. After coffee break we went to nearest town and bought him new swimsuit of Vittori Swimwear. With design that listens men’s body. Shortly after grandpa wore new swimsuit, we all realized, small “accident” on the boat wouldn’t happen if he would have worn Vittori Swimwear for Men. But still we laughed at my dad and had great time. _DSC4756