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Advising from receptionist

Going to vacation with plane. Flight time two hours, if you do not live near departuring airport, you need at least 1+2 hours before departure. Then collecting baggage, finding the transport to the hotel. At first look you are only 2 hours away from the vacation, but at the end it took almost half a day to get there. Reality.

First time in new city, you are most likely confused about orientation. Then finally hotel. Check-in. Checking the room. Yes, it meets your demands. Positive sign. It is what you will pay for. Changing clothes. What next ? You are hungry. Even though you checked evry possible choise on Tripadvisor, you realize that chosen resaturant is not near the hotel. Or you are just curious and ask for a advise the receptionist.

I am a traveller for 2-3times a year. Job doesn’t allow me more. I always prepare myself for the journey, including for restaurant. I admit  do not belong to that minority who doesn’t care about the amount on the bill before leaving teh restaurant. Yes, I do care.

I must confirm in more then 90% receptionist advised me most expensive restaurants. I do not consider myself looking like a very rich man, and yes, I do check the receptionist’s advise. Why do they do that ? Are they connected to the restaurants ? Do they get some extra commision from the restaurants ? Likely yes. In those 90% I always find cheaper restaurant. Though I am not a gurman, it must look fresh, very strong influence makes to me is how crowdy this place is. Where lots of people gather there must be fine food. Otherwise.

Here I will point to Restautant Carpanel in Xativa, city our hour away from Valencia. Me and my family were wher satisfied there. If you are planning to visit Xativa with marveolus castle on the hill, Carpanel in very good option.






Vittori in the Kitchen

In my interview with cozyfashionist I mentioned that I – a man who stands behind Vittori Swimwear – like to bake very much. Maybe sometimes my works are not looking perfectly, but still they are delicious. My family doesn’t waste much time to leave the crumbs on the plates. This time  I am going to present you my recent work – Cake with honey and poppy seeds.


What do we need :

200 grams of flour, 1 table spoon of backing powder, 170 grams of soft butter, 120 grams of milled sugar, 4 spoons of honey, 3 eggs, 1 coffee spoon of vanilla flavour, juice from 1 lemon, 2 table spoons of poppy seeds.


First heat the oven to 160 degrees. Prepare the baking pan, I use Ø 26 cm with baking paper or with butter on the bottom and on the sides.

Mix the flour and baking powder, add butter, sugar, honey, beaten eggs and vanilla flavour into the smooth dough.


I add also lemon zest, after that mix into dough juice from one lemon and poppy seeds.


Bake this cake about 40 minutes until it gets golden brown.



Hope you like it. Next time my blog will continue with the stories regarding Swimwear.

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