Wearing Vittori it couldn’t happen

Late June, end of school-year. Our first daughter has finished her first class. Class ceremony when so called certificate would be presented to their parents. Of course in the middle of morning so I needed to take day off. Remembering my first class school end, no ceremonies, we’ve got small booklets with written school assessment. No big deal. But since those times almost two and a half decades have elapsed. School system has changed several times. Now-a-day school certificate aren’t the same, only written words describing what knowledge child has managed to learn. First read sentences, first calculations up to 10. First class pupils aren’t 8 years ones, they’re one year younger. Children are growing up so our worries where are they going to spend holidays. Who will look after them while parents are at work.

My parents invited all family members for a small party to gather together. We sat on the terrace, ate a lot and drank a little less. Adults were solving world problems exchanging our opinions about world crisis, about sport and about weather of course, while children played with balls and balloons on the grass.

My parents had a camper, usually put it in a camp on the coast for two month. It became their second home. My family visited them for a week or so, depending on weather. What is more is too much, few days is nice, after that all human troubles came up. That summer my parents asked us whether it would be ok if our daughter could spend some days with them in their camper. Few days were meant few worries less. It would not be the first time that they took our daughter with them. They came quiet ok together. When ? I asked. First Monday would be perfect. Shouldn’t worry, weather would also serve us, my mother said. Obviously she considered all possible questions and had prepared answers.

We would visit them next weekend. With my partner we were quiet disoriented without our little daily radio. Although we had much of the time to spend for ourselves, honestly our minds were on the coast, with our daughter. We hardly waited when we could go to the coast to check how they were going on. Surely my mother would ring immediately if something went wrong. But no calls no troubles, it seemed.

Finally weekend arrived. We got up early to avoid traffic jams on the highway. To that First summer weekend weather was predicted to be really nice and warm. No troubles on the way. We parked our car outside of the camp, one camping place inside one car beside. No problem for us.

Daddy, daddy, mummy, mummy ! We heard our daughter across the camping area when she saw us walking towards her. Big hugs, never ending hugs. Everything was perfect, my mum said. My dad agreed, they’ve had great time. Perhaps they would extend their holidays for a few days.

Our princess took my hand, jumped into my laps and started were quickly the résumé happenings of the previous week. They hired small boat, so small they all could barely enter into it. My dad took the paddles started to paddle slowly taking all attention on the safety of their two ladies. After few minutes our daughter whispers to my mum. Look granny, our grandpa had some problems, his ‘eggies’ peered out from under his swimsuit, with small laughs they realized, grandpa’s swimsuit was really out of date. Yes, he would need new ones.

When I heard that story, I said to my dad, it would never happen if you wore modern swimsuit. My mum agreed immediately grandpa needed new swimsuit. After coffee break we went to nearest town and bought him new swimsuit of Vittori Swimwear. With design that listens men’s body. Shortly after grandpa wore new swimsuit, we all realized, small “accident” on the boat wouldn’t happen if he would have worn Vittori Swimwear for Men. But still we laughed at my dad and had great time. _DSC4756



At Vittori Swimwear team I am great football fans. Always checking TV schedules and searching for live coverage of football matches. Daily and weekly in advance. But when the time comes, when the game should begin, I always hear the voices “again football, do we really need to watch this play?” As you probably guessed, those voices are from my wife and my daughter. At home we have only one TV set,in living room. Basic idea was, the family should stay together, not separated in several rooms, each of them watching different channel. Final result, females win. For the holy peace I quit, my sons go to their rooms turning on their computers. We are separated no matter of good basic idea. But this is not the point I am going to write about. Colours of the football shoes is my topic and comparing them to the swimwear. I remember the late 70’s and 80’s when I watched footbal matches with my dad. At that time there were no such complete coverage of the championships. Very few information leaked from the squads and their background team. Even commentators were very short with backyard news. When one team played bad or under our expactations we asked ourselves why. Especially with teams from small countries or so called outsiders there were things which ruined their strength and unity. The bigger ones knew how to did it. They started with the shoes. Each team had a contract with one supplier. But in our team there were always few unsatisfied players who hadn’t got vital role. They were easily target of rival supplier. At the sudden moment those unsatisfied players had problems with their left third shoe-finger, so they needed shoes from rival supplier in order not to be injured before the game even started. The result, our team lost, because the unity of the team was broken, the heads of the players weren’t focused to the match. Now-a-day everything is different. Having united colours or even the same brand of the foootball shoes is obviously not obligatory. Before the match or when the play stops, TV cameras offer us interesting shots of football shoes. Colours and designs are different, even left shoe is from differnt supplier as the right one. 10 or 20 years ago we couldn’t imagine anything other colour then black or white with the brand logo. Today is different. Yellow, purple, green, violet, light blue you name it.Very strong influence on what is today normal have different media. More respect more tollerancy. I agree it should be so, it must be so. Just imagine if for instance Paolo Rossi would appear in purple/yellow football shoes in 80′ he would be clarified as at least not normal. There were impacts that made evolution on what is normal, the line between women’s colours and men’s colours today practically doesn’t exist.

And Vittori Swimwear, what has Vittori to do with the colours of football shoes. Not much, but still, the colours of Vittori Swimwear are different. The models like Mojito or Pineapple are in limited edition, offer different design, offer different mixture of colours. Will you be noticed wearing those models ? Yes. Will you be in trend ? Yes. Will you look strange wearing those colours ? No. Does Vittori Swimwear offer certain confidence ? Absolutely. High quality of Italian lycra, very professional final work are guarantee for your optimum solution. Vittori Swimwear – Extra Comfort Swimwear.

Vittori Swimwear – extra comfort swimwear

Last weekend I went to the beach wishing to have some lazy moments. Took a good book with me, trying to get some extra energy after all the stressing moment shat occupied me last week. I found nice little place under the pine tree. It wasn’t easy to find a suitable place. After quite long period, it was warm and sunny weekend. Surprisingly the traffic on the highway towards the coast went on pretty smooth. Sometimes drivers could be very nervous, trying to reach final destination as soon as possible.

Lots of people sat around, some of them rushly jumped into the water.  Despite not hot weather water was according to the display next to the entrance 23 degrees Celsius. I changed into my #VittoriSwimwear, that time I picked model #Jungle. I put my little portable chair next to me. Started to read a book by Ian Rankin about Inspector Rebus. Few years ago I visited Edinburgh, so I could easily imagine all the major streets and areas. Book really made me feel being there together with inspector. Usually when I read exciting book I jump into it, not thinking what is going on around me. But that time it was different. Bunch of men started to play beach volley. They had much fun, they enjoyed each and every point. Their wifes and friends were their fans next to the sport peach. All of the players wore ordinary briefs. When the set was over, they gathered together. I observed them carefully. I noticed, their swimwear were out of date, they were tight any more. Especially between the legs. Where were their ´buddies´ ?  When the play begin they sattled their ‘buddies’ manually in their briefs in the upright ositions. But it didn’t last very long. Only one jump or two, they were again down, and oops, almost out. We, men, have always problems with our ‘buddies’ in the swimwear. We keep on thinking on them, where are they, are they on the left or right side. One woman started to laugh, and pointing to his husband. His buddy slipped out of his briefs. It wasn´t nice, he grabbed him and put him into his swimwear. I thought to myself, I couldn´t be in that position , not with my Vittori swimwear. Swimwear that makes me confident, I always know where my best friend is. Vittori Swimwear Extra comfort swimwear, definitely. I recommend them to every man.


Vittori in Jacuzzi – Erotic story

Sunshine through the car glass window, he drove with his car to the welness center. Hell of the week was behind him. End of first quarter, a group of executive managers came to inspect the business from headquarters. Though it happened after every quarter of the year, this time it was rather unexpected.  Some  of his team mates were ill, his assistant got some problems in her family. Almost all of the reports needed to be done by him. Analysis of the first quarter, prediction for the next quarters took him several nights. Never the less he was sometimes in the same position, but this time he felt empty, he felt with no energy when preparing reports. But it all was behind him. This afternoon will be just for him. Thursdays are usually less crowded. His dreams. As soon as he had checked at the reception he knew it would be different that time.  The smile from the face of the receptionist told him so. He changed in the locker room into his Vittori Swimwear Martinez. He looked himself in the mirror, he was satisfied with his appearance. Almost all deckchair were unoccupied. Few swimmers tried to win their lenghts. Some of them looked really tired. He splashed into the water. One lenght, second lenght. Once again. One mature lady in jacuzzi with her eyes shut. He joined her, took the place opposite to hers. She didn’t notice him. Jacuzzi was in operation. He closed his eyes enjoying the bubbles slowly slided along his legs and back. After a while he opened his eyes, another man came in. But wasn’t lady a little bit near to him. No, it was an illusion. Or not. Who cared, he enjoyed in the warm of the bubbled water. He spread his leg  and moved just up to the jet of the water. His valley got some water hellos. The short and long shots in the middle of his legs slowly turned him into the pleasure. He lifted his backside a little bit. More and more waves shooted along his body. He opened his eyes, lady and a man were very close to him. They smiled to each other. Water continued to around his body. Bubbles were stronger and stronger like hands slipped. He looked to left left, lady smiled him differently. She enjoyed as well. He felt, like a gentle hand slipped along his back hills, no they must be bubbles. Suddenly he felt the stronger shots on the front hill. Was that also the water or it was just his imagination. Last week was very strained, he didn’t care what made him good. His buddy suddenly woke up. Slowly he crawled from his nest. The pad of his swimwear arched like roman vault. Both his neighbours had smiles on their faces. Water stopped to bubble. He opened his eyes. His buddy was still up. Was that great feeling really caused only by the bubbles or were that neighbours’ hands. It wasn’t his problem. Slowly they all stood out of the jacuzzi. He noticed that the flag could be hanged along his buddy, so excited was he. Woman behind him just smiled. Lucky her, all at sudden she enjoyed the view onto the two men in front of her.  He slowly step towards his deckchair. Lucky to his Vittori Swimwear no one noticed his excitement. Did he have great time  in jacuzzi ? Definitely. Would he repeat the jacuzzi action. He searched the lady, their looks met. Their smiles talked for their own. They will meet in jacuzzi again for sure.

Feeding Babies By The Pool

Last weekend I sat with my Sailor swimwear from Vittori drinking coffee at the pool bar. It was hot, full crowded, hard to find any spare table. But people came, people went. Two young guys occupied one just left table. Like they were observing who was going to leave and then started from the blocks. I saw them previously in the water together with their girlfriends. They stood in the water on the swimming lanes breaking the paths of the swimmers. I really can’t understand such “swimmers”, as they come into the water as they were at home. We all are on holidays but still they should be aware that some swimmers really want to swim. I can’t even understand architects of swimming pools why they do not plan the pool that would be deep enough so the “swimmers” can’t stand and chat. Why don’t “swimmers” go to jacuzzis to talk ? Back to the table. Shortly girlfriends joined the two guys, one brought litlle baby with her. Guys have already ordred cold beers, ladies were more ladies. They ordered ice cream. Little baby saw the food, if you had your own baby, you would know the feeling when baby just before lunch with his tiny eyes marks the food.He started to wave with his little hands. Mother knew at once what that meant. Baby is hungry. She put her finger into the ice cream and shuffle some into babies mouth. He grabbed her finger with cold piece of “food” showing that he enjoyed the offer. Afterwards she “cleaned” her finger in her mouth and then repeated the procedure. Again and again. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Feeding little baby just with fingers. I’ve got three children and I know what could happen in the summer, when everything is hot, when all parts of our bodies are sweat when we cover ourselves with sun-protection-creams and oils. Nighs afterwards could be sleepless, baby cries, young parents really do not know why. I can’t say for sure, that feeding like that one could cause any problems but why challenge the holiday why challenge the joy.

Young parents do not repeat that, use spoons and your summer nights with little babies will be longer.

Football Fans

World Cup 2014 in Brasil is in final stages. Elimination rounds have started, all teams which made through first round were satisfied. All matches are full crowded, all stadium are full of fans. Brasil is to far for me, my country didn’t qualified for the World Cup, so I watch matches over TV. Even our feminine side of the family is occupied with football. Football is really second most important thing in the world. Fans, they are really fascinated. Choosing Brasil as a host of World Cup 2014 was excellent choice. Not that on other World Cups stadiums were empty of half empty, but in Brasil you can see Brasilian fans on all matches, even on for example Germany-Algeria match, they worn yellow jerseys. They enjoyed the matches, they had fun. I noticed one more phenomenon regarding football fans. When going to the football match it is no problem to wear things in colors of fan’s team. Gathering on the street, drinking last beer before the game, they are friends at once. Most likely they won’t meet ever again, but at that moment they are friends. They are not ashamed wearing jerseys in colors that would in ordinary life never be worn. Bright yellow, bright red, black and yellow, green and yellow, can’t name all combination. Fans express their the affiliation of the statue of symbol, to the statue of common interest. I remember one occasion, just after decision of Italian Football Federation that suspended several teams, I went to a holiday with my family to Italian Coast near Marina di Grosseto. On the beach people standing in the water reading famous Gazzeta dello Sport, all articles were about that decision. I admit my italian is very poor, I understand only few phrases, can express only few words in italian as well. But when I passed by one man, I wore a swimsuit, italian would say ‘costumi da bagno’ in colors of one suspended team, that man stopped me, tried to start a conversation with me. Very soon we had a small talk about football, about our team. We were friends just like that. The fact is, there is little chance we could meet each other again, but when watching the game on TV or when going to the Football stadium I will remember that man, by the way Carlo was his name. Even small detail, even small thing of textile we wear can connect people. Wearing Vittori Swimwear ‘costumi da bagno’ you can find friends you can enjoy in good company, whereever you are. No age, no language is important, colors connect people. And Vittori Swimwear has different colors. Wearing Vittori Swimwear you will be find true friends.

At the pool

She never paid attention how man looked like when getting out of the water after swimming. For her all the men were the same. But after she gave him a birthday present a new pair of swimwear, she wanted to see if there was any difference. They went to the hotel with the pool over the weekend. After breakfast pool wasn’t really crowded. They didn’t have much trouble finding spare deckchairs. He went swimming while she waited for a while pretending that she read very interesting book. She needn’t to wait very long time when first men went out of the water. She observed very carefully how their best friends looked like in that particular situation. She noticed that they shrinked, so the looks weren’t that attractive. Men’s swimwear were almost empty. But when her man got out of the water she realised that his new swimwear from http://www.vittori-swimwear.com with extra push-up effect made a difference. She would recommend this swimwear to other as well.

Men’s Swimwear

When thinking of men’s swimwear, most men wave their hand away. Just leave me alone ! I have my last season’s swimsuit, one that suits me quiet ok. But is he really satisfied ? Did he impress women’s eyes ? Did he feel comfortably in his swimsuit ? Most answers are definetely NO. Men are definitely special species. They like to observe women and try to find small pieces of the skin that is not covered with swimsuits but should be. On the other hand they do not give a small chance for women’s eyes. Men like to hide with their swimsuit in the crowd. With dark blue or even black coloured swimsuit. Other colours are mostly out of the question. Honestly when looking in stores or even on webshops men do not have much choices to select. Is it so because the designers for men’s swimwear are men ? I do not know. But there is definetely a solution. Let the men’s swimwear be designed by a woman. Woman who has eyes open, woman who knows what woman want to see. Women want to see good looking swimwear on men’s body. Luckely in last month or so there is a new collection of men’s swimwear on the website http://www.vittori-swimwear.com.  Collection that was created by young female designer Eva Jakob for young and mature men.

Quality Men's Swimwear