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New Customers or Returning Customer ?

What kind of customer makes a seller happier ? Question states !

Selling online is difficult, not an easy task. Only pictures, photos and text are available to show all positive sides about the selling product. Buyer is a king. Always. Buyer is looking for a product that he needs.

Buyer wants to buy online. Searching online what’s available. Comes to your online store. Match !

OK, he (since we sell men’s swimwear, we persume, men are most interested custiomers, but it is not always so – more in next article) needs swimwear, brief or boxer type. We offer exactly that. Match !

Colours ? We offer variety of colours, from ordinary blue and black to yellow and white. Match !

Price ? We are in the middle, not cheap and not expensive. Match !

Shipping ? Free shipping. Match !

We are satisfied to gain new customer. Match !

Did we meet customers needs indeed ? Yes ? Then this is satisfied customer. Our most loved one. He will tell his friend about us, he will probably visit our online store again. Returning customer. Most wanted. Super Match !

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Rainbow Red


Labor day 2019 – special offer 20% off

When shopping our swimwear on from August 30th till September 3rd  you will get special offer. With code ETSYLABOR2019 when buying 2 items or more, you will get 20% discount.

Really good bargain. You can choose between 44 different models, briefs or boxers.

Shipping is free, no matter which country buyer is coming from.

Don’t go shopping if you are angry

There are days when things are not going in proper way. Either you can’t find similar pair of socks, your wake-up clock was overslept, your butter is simply to cold to use on your not so hot toast. Not to mention moon position.

Still you need unstress yourself. Is shopping right way ?

I will give some reasons why shopping is not a good way to get releave stress.

  1. Most likely you are going to search a thing you don’t really need.
  2. Your pay day is not going to be soon and your wallet is empty.
  3. Your searched item is not on stock.
  4. Desired item is either in wrong color or in wrong size available.
  5. Still need to satisfy yourself with the purchase ?

Do not do it !

Rather go for a long walk, your mind will clear up.

Or even better swim a mile in your favourite pool, you will notice there are plenty of pretty people around you, observing barely nude body is a good way to relax. Beside that after swimming a mile, you will get into octopus mood. Why not use Royal Flush ?

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10 reasons for playing chess

Chess is for many boring and they don’t see the beauty in thought out moves which lead to a win, loss or draw. For all of you I am going to present you 10 reasons for playing chess which may persuade you to dive into the depth of countless chess combinations and moves.

  1. With playing regularly this gentleman’s game you can lenghten the time of maximum concentration so you do better in exams because you can except less falls in concentration which leads to fewer mistakes. Remember to study before tests and not rely only on concentration.
  2. Everyone can play chess, no matter if they are blind or deaf. Blind chess players have special desks and chess clocks specially designed for them. For an exampla a team of blind chess players is fighting equally for first place in 1st Ljubljana’s chess league. They use touch, memory and excellent spacial perception.
  3. Color blindness does not affect a person’s quality of game because you have to differ only two colors, black and white.
  4. Chess is very cheap, you need only your chess board, set of chess figures and an optional chess clock. All equipment lasts for years, does not break and damaged even has a higher value than new equipment.
  5. It is possible to play chess even at old age. Do not be deceived by the age of your opponent. A six year old and a ninty year old can both play excellently.
  6. It teaches you to accept loses as experiences from which you learn so you can play better next time.
  7. Chess encourages intergenerational socialising, you meet many older and younger chess players. Rules are clear and the results are independent from the judges’ subjective mark as we can see this in other sports. In ski jumping, diving, gymnastics, figure skating and many other sports judges’ marks can determine medal winners.
  8. Nowadays you can play chess on the internet whenever you want and with opponent from all around the world. Your opponent is determined by a computer based on your previous chess results.
  9. You most certainly cannot seriously injure yourself, in case of neck pain you can take a walk around the room.
  10. While playing chess you never get dirty and rarely sweat. You don’t bring home dirty from grass and mud shorty which make your mother angry and prove that washing powder does not clean all stains.


Of course there are dozens more which you can find if all the above persuaded you. I highly recommend!

Because of this we dedicated our last swimwear collection to chess. We are devoted to bringing chess and our swimwear closer to you so you can enjoy all benefits of both.

More on our chess collection here : Check Mate

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Advantage in Swimwear Design

Yellow like Sun like Desert Sand

Pineapple by Vittori Swimwear

Red and White – Passion and More by Vittori Swimwear


“I am punk enchantress, fat lesbian and hate high-fat food” was the title of the book I read recently. Story describes the adventures of the young girl – pupil of the final class of the elementary school. Her family had moved into the new apartment, so that girl eventually changed the school. She was different anyway, but in the new class her outlook was really out of mind. Her haircut, her dresses, her dark eyes hadn’t got many new friends. Sounds familiar to you ? Surely you’ve got similar experience. When you  were new or  had got new member of your class team? Like you open the window after few hours closed, new air comes in. People are usually afraid of what’s different. Each new member of the society brings new air. Mostly he/she brings new wave, new approach, new ideas. Something that was missing in last couple of years. Like long unsolved math’s enigma. Solution was on the table but no one could see it, except the new member of the team. If there’s is a teacher or mentor who encourages the class, that’s fine, that’s what we needed to be better than others, then it’s ok. But surely you can always find someone who would feel jealous, who’s primate status is in danger.

Vittori swimwear is also new at the market. We offer something different, fresh. We changed the seems, we added some shape to the middle part of swimwear and we used bright colours- like sunny yellow, orange, green and red. Why not ? Summer is hot, full of colours in nature. Men should feel comfortable and confident. That is what Vittori swimwear makes different to the other swimwear design.

Vittori Swimwear offers different approach, different dimension of men’s swimwear design. Vittori Swimwear started its idea from reverse side. The members of the team interviewed several men to discover whether they were satisfied with their existing swimwear. We listened what they had said. First we improved the shape of our swimwear. The central seem in the middle of front side was very unpractical. Due to the anatomic contour of the men’s body it divides the front side but men’s front side is not symmetric. Not like women’s body. Vittori made swimwear symmetric on the front side as well. Contours and seems moved away from vital part of the men’s body. We have had free up the space, we made more air. Customers response were positive. Yes, we scored the goal. This is it, that’s the major advantage of Vittori Men’s Swimwear.




Vittori & Chess

40 years ago:

Only two TV channels were available those times in my country. TV scheme was defined a year in advance. Specially in the evening. At 7pm one or two cartoons, followed by three commercial clips for tooth paste and new developed Colour TV set. Since we had black&white TV set it wasn’t really important, we couldn’t see all the advantages of “new patent”. Before main News block at 7.30 pm weather forecast was presenting, it wasn’t show like now-a-days. As I was a child I didn’t understand almost nothing from the news. I waited for sport & chess section very nervously. Chess was very popular in my country those times. Perhaps chess won second place in popularity. Our Chess-Grandmasters competed regularly in high class competitions. All matches for World Championship Title were described almost in slow-motion. The presenter used magnetic board with chess figures as magnets. He really prepared himself describing all the moves, practically all match in a minute and even all possibilities and faults that led to victory be white or black. On B&W TV set chess was indeed black and white.

15 years ago till today:

Chess slowly disappeared from the news, sport & chess renamed only into sport and it was moved out of the News block. Perhaps shortly after Karpov and Kasparov ended their careers. Football, basketball, skiing were sports which dominated the sport minutes. News at 7.30 pm was removed to News at 7pm, though the sport section extended to more minutes, chess was rarely mentioned. First it was moved to Late Night News at 10pm, chess section started not before 10.45 pm. So chess slowly and surely went out of interest of the viewers. Maybe that’s way chess lost the minutes on TV News. The other reason could be, that chess is relatively cheap sport. Only one table, two chairs, pair of B&W figures and a special clock are needed. The chess doesn’t enhanse much people’s consumption. Not like Football, Basketball or Skiing.

6 month ago:

We received a copy of local newspaper in our post-box. There was an article about the local chess club. Small one with very limited budget. Beside that there was an aging problem of their members. Average was well over 60, more like over 70 as I realized later.

Very often our family members like to watch Eurosport. I believe Eurosport has other significant role, namely presenting rare popular sport in continental Europe, like curling, snooker, darts, horse riding. Widening their popularity. I went to the local chess club meeting. I discovered chess can be very interesting to watch. Especially the variation of fast chess where hole game ends in a 15 minutes or less. It could be easily presented with several cameras on big screen. Each game is more interesting if it is rolling in a high speed. Modern technology could make magic and why not do it the same with chess? Players could wear commercial signs on their jackets, plenty of space could be offered. As a consequence young boys and girls would spend less time steering to the computers.

Chess is still non-attractive sport and local Chess Club has very low budget. At the end of the year members must contribute themselves if they want to attend the chess tournament in neighboring city. I saw so enthusiastic members of club fighting for survival.

Vittori Swimwear launched the chess-line of their swimwear with Check-Mate, Greyhound, Royal Flush and Majestic models of men’s quality swimwear. Vittori Swimwear became the main sponsor of the local chess club. Vittori Swimwear strongly supports good ideas,   strong will and dedication.Majestic – I’m your King