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How many swimsuits do you own ?

I’ve seen this question somewhere on internet. Really how many ? Further question, is the amount of swimsuits in the closet same for men and women ?

From my point of view and as far as I could see in the closet of my wife – the answer is NO. Men definitely have less swimsuits the women.

I can show you mine :

Thunder and Balcony 

Only two for men and much more for women.

Women are definitely different. As much as possible I hear them. Only space in the backpack of the car or the weight of the baggage is the limit. Beside other clothes of course.

Nothing wrong with that of course. Men like to observe women in their swimsuits. We even love them. So as much as possible, please,  women, take them with you, wherever you go.




New Customers or Returning Customer ?

What kind of customer makes a seller happier ? Question states !

Selling online is difficult, not an easy task. Only pictures, photos and text are available to show all positive sides about the selling product. Buyer is a king. Always. Buyer is looking for a product that he needs.

Buyer wants to buy online. Searching online what’s available. Comes to your online store. Match !

OK, he (since we sell men’s swimwear, we persume, men are most interested custiomers, but it is not always so – more in next article) needs swimwear, brief or boxer type. We offer exactly that. Match !

Colours ? We offer variety of colours, from ordinary blue and black to yellow and white. Match !

Price ? We are in the middle, not cheap and not expensive. Match !

Shipping ? Free shipping. Match !

We are satisfied to gain new customer. Match !

Did we meet customers needs indeed ? Yes ? Then this is satisfied customer. Our most loved one. He will tell his friend about us, he will probably visit our online store again. Returning customer. Most wanted. Super Match !

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Rainbow Red


Aren’t Swimsuits all for swimming?

This really isn’t a joke, what I will write in today’s chapter.

We all believe that swimsuits are supposed to be made for swimming. It should be so. But … One of our customers first bought in a supermarket a pair of swimsuit, he was going to spend a week in a spa. Indoor spa. He picked up a piece nicelooking boxer. And went to deserved holiday.

After having few visits to the pool, stitches on the waist of his swimsuit broke, fabric wasn’t so blue as it was when bringing them from the shop. After a week he couldn’t believe what left of his brand new swimsuit. A piece of fabric that couldn’t barely be named as a swimsuit.

He returned home and straight to the supermarket claiming bad quality of the swimsuit. Shop assistant stopped him : “Sir, didn’t you know, this swimsuit is not for swimming?”

“What is made for, then ?” he asked.

“Only for hanging around the pool.”

“What about the guaranty ?”

“Sorry, Sir, only if returned unused.”

So, he came to our shop, we gladly gave him our “Margarita”

After a week he came back smiling, “I am satisfied with your Margarita”. And then he bought one piece one more. Remember Vittori Swimwear is for swimming, as well.

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Labor day 2019 – special offer 20% off

When shopping our swimwear on from August 30th till September 3rd  you will get special offer. With code ETSYLABOR2019 when buying 2 items or more, you will get 20% discount.

Really good bargain. You can choose between 44 different models, briefs or boxers.

Shipping is free, no matter which country buyer is coming from.

Push up for men ?

We are all very familiar with push up for women, but for men ? Stereotype = men do not need push up. Speaking about clothing of course, not excercising in the gym. Women accepted term push up long years ago, according to wikipedia patented in 1941, but largerly spread all our the world in 60’s. 50 years spent for something that’s absolutely normal as for today.

But for men ?

When telling my friends and colleagues that I am doing business with men’s push up swimwear, first reaction is “I do not need this, I am not impotent”.

Wearing men’s swimwear with integrated push up pad has nothing to do with men’s impotence. Either is not pointing that some is even close to that stage. We made push up for men first to look nice, shape of the swimwear looks the same in every moment of wearing swimwear. Secondly to make more space and make more comfort.

In next chapter : response of our customers.

Don’t go shopping if you are angry

There are days when things are not going in proper way. Either you can’t find similar pair of socks, your wake-up clock was overslept, your butter is simply to cold to use on your not so hot toast. Not to mention moon position.

Still you need unstress yourself. Is shopping right way ?

I will give some reasons why shopping is not a good way to get releave stress.

  1. Most likely you are going to search a thing you don’t really need.
  2. Your pay day is not going to be soon and your wallet is empty.
  3. Your searched item is not on stock.
  4. Desired item is either in wrong color or in wrong size available.
  5. Still need to satisfy yourself with the purchase ?

Do not do it !

Rather go for a long walk, your mind will clear up.

Or even better swim a mile in your favourite pool, you will notice there are plenty of pretty people around you, observing barely nude body is a good way to relax. Beside that after swimming a mile, you will get into octopus mood. Why not use Royal Flush ?

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Has your swimsuit even fallen off ?

Have you ever been in such situation ? Or having a fear from that moment ?

If your swimsuit falls off it could be quiet emberasing moment. Only if you are on nudist beach, where noone wears swimsuit, but I am not talking about that situation. For non-nudist people or when visiting pools or spas, swimsuit are obligatory to wear. In this case fear of fallen swimsuit can be present.

When the swimsuit is low quality, I won’t say low cost swimsuit, it could happen. Sometimes you can buy low cost but still satisfied quality. Elastic band is integrated into waist of the swimsuit so man can judge if the band is still elastic or is it plastic already.

At Vittori Swimwear we take special care even for choosing high quality of elastic band that ensures long lasting usage of the swimsuit. Our customers get confidence that swimsuit won’t fall unless wanted so. So more likely is that your Vittori swimsuit will fall off is when your partner will fall inlove with your swimsuit and want to take it off in purpose having more intimacy with you rather than our swimsuit will fall off by itself.

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