Push up for men ?

We are all very familiar with push up for women, but for men ? Stereotype = men do not need push up. Speaking about clothing of course, not excercising in the gym. Women accepted term push up long years ago, according to wikipedia patented in 1941, but largerly spread all our the world in 60’s. 50 years spent for something that’s absolutely normal as for today.

But for men ?

When telling my friends and colleagues that I am doing business with men’s push up swimwear, first reaction is “I do not need this, I am not impotent”.

Wearing men’s swimwear with integrated push up pad has nothing to do with men’s impotence. Either is not pointing that some is even close to that stage. We made push up for men first to look nice, shape of the swimwear looks the same in every moment of wearing swimwear. Secondly to make more space and make more comfort.

In next chapter : response of our customers.

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