Has your swimsuit even fallen off ?

Have you ever been in such situation ? Or having a fear from that moment ?

If your swimsuit falls off it could be quiet emberasing moment. Only if you are on nudist beach, where noone wears swimsuit, but I am not talking about that situation. For non-nudist people or when visiting pools or spas, swimsuit are obligatory to wear. In this case fear of fallen swimsuit can be present.

When the swimsuit is low quality, I won’t say low cost swimsuit, it could happen. Sometimes you can buy low cost but still satisfied quality. Elastic band is integrated into waist of the swimsuit so man can judge if the band is still elastic or is it plastic already.

At Vittori Swimwear we take special care even for choosing high quality of elastic band that ensures long lasting usage of the swimsuit. Our customers get confidence that swimsuit won’t fall unless wanted so. So more likely is that your Vittori swimsuit will fall off is when your partner will fall inlove with your swimsuit and want to take it off in purpose having more intimacy with you rather than our swimsuit will fall off by itself.

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