Say I Love You in a Different Way

Valentine Day is near. Flowers, candies and chocolates, all kinds of loving expressions in heart shape. These are most likely most common ways to express your love to your beloved person. Very easy if beloved person is a woman. You can’t even miss if your valentine gift would be underwear in red color. But you must know her size. Otherwise you will shoot your own goal.

What about valentine gift if your beloved person is a man ? Honestly I am happy when I get even something. That means I am not forgotten person and am a beloved person. Who doesn’t want to be beloved ?

Candies and chocolates can be eaten in a moment, bottle of good wine would be drunk in a hour. Yes, he would also remember valentine when get a ticket for the concert or sport match.

But what about swimwear as a valentine gift. Not on your primary list ? Why not ? Gift that you will look and admire all sun season long. It needn’t to be in red color, which is honestly, quiet intimate color. It could be in ultra violet which is the color of the Year 2018. And yes, you can choose Martinez Boxer and surprise him.


2 thoughts on “Say I Love You in a Different Way”

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