Everyone needs to brush his own teeth every day, everyone needs to wash the dishes every day, everyone needs to do the laundry every day. Ok, if not every day, at least regulary. What do you need to do all these activities ?

Toothpaste, detergent, caps are essential to get shiny dishes, clean laundry and perfect white teeth.

Going shopping or before this looking into adds in newspapers, magazine, TV you must be shocking. If yesterday the best toothpaste you used to buy was labeled as Perfect White today it is labeled Max Protection. If your previous favourite caps for dish-washer was 3in1, today is labeled as Gold or All-in-One. Of course you can’t buy previous versions you were used to. Brands are declaring new products as innovative, new. I admit I am little bit scarry about that. Sometimes I ask myself, what was wrong with my old toothpaste. Nothing, I suppose. I can’t say it’s just promotion or getting new clients or getting larger share on the market or getting higher price for practically the same product. Maybe I am just traditionally oriented. Maybe I like predictible situations, honestly I do not enjoy being surprised.

Well, with Vittori Swimwear it’s the same quality, we mark our swimwear just with Perfect Fit and Good quality.

We are really happy for getting good marks from our customers and knowing that our customers are returing because they are satisfied with our Swimwear.

You can check in our shop on Etsy : Vittori Shop


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