At Vittori Swimwear team I am great football fans. Always checking TV schedules and searching for live coverage of football matches. Daily and weekly in advance. But when the time comes, when the game should begin, I always hear the voices “again football, do we really need to watch this play?” As you probably guessed, those voices are from my wife and my daughter. At home we have only one TV set,in living room. Basic idea was, the family should stay together, not separated in several rooms, each of them watching different channel. Final result, females win. For the holy peace I quit, my sons go to their rooms turning on their computers. We are separated no matter of good basic idea. But this is not the point I am going to write about. Colours of the football shoes is my topic and comparing them to the swimwear. I remember the late 70’s and 80’s when I watched footbal matches with my dad. At that time there were no such complete coverage of the championships. Very few information leaked from the squads and their background team. Even commentators were very short with backyard news. When one team played bad or under our expactations we asked ourselves why. Especially with teams from small countries or so called outsiders there were things which ruined their strength and unity. The bigger ones knew how to did it. They started with the shoes. Each team had a contract with one supplier. But in our team there were always few unsatisfied players who hadn’t got vital role. They were easily target of rival supplier. At the sudden moment those unsatisfied players had problems with their left third shoe-finger, so they needed shoes from rival supplier in order not to be injured before the game even started. The result, our team lost, because the unity of the team was broken, the heads of the players weren’t focused to the match. Now-a-day everything is different. Having united colours or even the same brand of the foootball shoes is obviously not obligatory. Before the match or when the play stops, TV cameras offer us interesting shots of football shoes. Colours and designs are different, even left shoe is from differnt supplier as the right one. 10 or 20 years ago we couldn’t imagine anything other colour then black or white with the brand logo. Today is different. Yellow, purple, green, violet, light blue you name it.Very strong influence on what is today normal have different media. More respect more tollerancy. I agree it should be so, it must be so. Just imagine if for instance Paolo Rossi would appear in purple/yellow football shoes in 80′ he would be clarified as at least not normal. There were impacts that made evolution on what is normal, the line between women’s colours and men’s colours today practically doesn’t exist.

And Vittori Swimwear, what has Vittori to do with the colours of football shoes. Not much, but still, the colours of Vittori Swimwear are different. The models like Mojito or Pineapple are in limited edition, offer different design, offer different mixture of colours. Will you be noticed wearing those models ? Yes. Will you be in trend ? Yes. Will you look strange wearing those colours ? No. Does Vittori Swimwear offer certain confidence ? Absolutely. High quality of Italian lycra, very professional final work are guarantee for your optimum solution. Vittori Swimwear – Extra Comfort Swimwear.

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