Vittori Swimwear – extra comfort swimwear

Last weekend I went to the beach wishing to have some lazy moments. Took a good book with me, trying to get some extra energy after all the stressing moment shat occupied me last week. I found nice little place under the pine tree. It wasn’t easy to find a suitable place. After quite long period, it was warm and sunny weekend. Surprisingly the traffic on the highway towards the coast went on pretty smooth. Sometimes drivers could be very nervous, trying to reach final destination as soon as possible.

Lots of people sat around, some of them rushly jumped into the water.  Despite not hot weather water was according to the display next to the entrance 23 degrees Celsius. I changed into my #VittoriSwimwear, that time I picked model #Jungle. I put my little portable chair next to me. Started to read a book by Ian Rankin about Inspector Rebus. Few years ago I visited Edinburgh, so I could easily imagine all the major streets and areas. Book really made me feel being there together with inspector. Usually when I read exciting book I jump into it, not thinking what is going on around me. But that time it was different. Bunch of men started to play beach volley. They had much fun, they enjoyed each and every point. Their wifes and friends were their fans next to the sport peach. All of the players wore ordinary briefs. When the set was over, they gathered together. I observed them carefully. I noticed, their swimwear were out of date, they were tight any more. Especially between the legs. Where were their ´buddies´ ?  When the play begin they sattled their ‘buddies’ manually in their briefs in the upright ositions. But it didn’t last very long. Only one jump or two, they were again down, and oops, almost out. We, men, have always problems with our ‘buddies’ in the swimwear. We keep on thinking on them, where are they, are they on the left or right side. One woman started to laugh, and pointing to his husband. His buddy slipped out of his briefs. It wasn´t nice, he grabbed him and put him into his swimwear. I thought to myself, I couldn´t be in that position , not with my Vittori swimwear. Swimwear that makes me confident, I always know where my best friend is. Vittori Swimwear Extra comfort swimwear, definitely. I recommend them to every man.


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