Vittori in Jacuzzi – Erotic story

Sunshine through the car glass window, he drove with his car to the welness center. Hell of the week was behind him. End of first quarter, a group of executive managers came to inspect the business from headquarters. Though it happened after every quarter of the year, this time it was rather unexpected.  Some  of his team mates were ill, his assistant got some problems in her family. Almost all of the reports needed to be done by him. Analysis of the first quarter, prediction for the next quarters took him several nights. Never the less he was sometimes in the same position, but this time he felt empty, he felt with no energy when preparing reports. But it all was behind him. This afternoon will be just for him. Thursdays are usually less crowded. His dreams. As soon as he had checked at the reception he knew it would be different that time.  The smile from the face of the receptionist told him so. He changed in the locker room into his Vittori Swimwear Martinez. He looked himself in the mirror, he was satisfied with his appearance. Almost all deckchair were unoccupied. Few swimmers tried to win their lenghts. Some of them looked really tired. He splashed into the water. One lenght, second lenght. Once again. One mature lady in jacuzzi with her eyes shut. He joined her, took the place opposite to hers. She didn’t notice him. Jacuzzi was in operation. He closed his eyes enjoying the bubbles slowly slided along his legs and back. After a while he opened his eyes, another man came in. But wasn’t lady a little bit near to him. No, it was an illusion. Or not. Who cared, he enjoyed in the warm of the bubbled water. He spread his leg  and moved just up to the jet of the water. His valley got some water hellos. The short and long shots in the middle of his legs slowly turned him into the pleasure. He lifted his backside a little bit. More and more waves shooted along his body. He opened his eyes, lady and a man were very close to him. They smiled to each other. Water continued to around his body. Bubbles were stronger and stronger like hands slipped. He looked to left left, lady smiled him differently. She enjoyed as well. He felt, like a gentle hand slipped along his back hills, no they must be bubbles. Suddenly he felt the stronger shots on the front hill. Was that also the water or it was just his imagination. Last week was very strained, he didn’t care what made him good. His buddy suddenly woke up. Slowly he crawled from his nest. The pad of his swimwear arched like roman vault. Both his neighbours had smiles on their faces. Water stopped to bubble. He opened his eyes. His buddy was still up. Was that great feeling really caused only by the bubbles or were that neighbours’ hands. It wasn’t his problem. Slowly they all stood out of the jacuzzi. He noticed that the flag could be hanged along his buddy, so excited was he. Woman behind him just smiled. Lucky her, all at sudden she enjoyed the view onto the two men in front of her.  He slowly step towards his deckchair. Lucky to his Vittori Swimwear no one noticed his excitement. Did he have great time  in jacuzzi ? Definitely. Would he repeat the jacuzzi action. He searched the lady, their looks met. Their smiles talked for their own. They will meet in jacuzzi again for sure.

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