Feeding Babies By The Pool

Last weekend I sat with my Sailor swimwear from Vittori drinking coffee at the pool bar. It was hot, full crowded, hard to find any spare table. But people came, people went. Two young guys occupied one just left table. Like they were observing who was going to leave and then started from the blocks. I saw them previously in the water together with their girlfriends. They stood in the water on the swimming lanes breaking the paths of the swimmers. I really can’t understand such “swimmers”, as they come into the water as they were at home. We all are on holidays but still they should be aware that some swimmers really want to swim. I can’t even understand architects of swimming pools why they do not plan the pool that would be deep enough so the “swimmers” can’t stand and chat. Why don’t “swimmers” go to jacuzzis to talk ? Back to the table. Shortly girlfriends joined the two guys, one brought litlle baby with her. Guys have already ordred cold beers, ladies were more ladies. They ordered ice cream. Little baby saw the food, if you had your own baby, you would know the feeling when baby just before lunch with his tiny eyes marks the food.He started to wave with his little hands. Mother knew at once what that meant. Baby is hungry. She put her finger into the ice cream and shuffle some into babies mouth. He grabbed her finger with cold piece of “food” showing that he enjoyed the offer. Afterwards she “cleaned” her finger in her mouth and then repeated the procedure. Again and again. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Feeding little baby just with fingers. I’ve got three children and I know what could happen in the summer, when everything is hot, when all parts of our bodies are sweat when we cover ourselves with sun-protection-creams and oils. Nighs afterwards could be sleepless, baby cries, young parents really do not know why. I can’t say for sure, that feeding like that one could cause any problems but why challenge the holiday why challenge the joy.

Young parents do not repeat that, use spoons and your summer nights with little babies will be longer.

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