Football Fans

World Cup 2014 in Brasil is in final stages. Elimination rounds have started, all teams which made through first round were satisfied. All matches are full crowded, all stadium are full of fans. Brasil is to far for me, my country didn’t qualified for the World Cup, so I watch matches over TV. Even our feminine side of the family is occupied with football. Football is really second most important thing in the world. Fans, they are really fascinated. Choosing Brasil as a host of World Cup 2014 was excellent choice. Not that on other World Cups stadiums were empty of half empty, but in Brasil you can see Brasilian fans on all matches, even on for example Germany-Algeria match, they worn yellow jerseys. They enjoyed the matches, they had fun. I noticed one more phenomenon regarding football fans. When going to the football match it is no problem to wear things in colors of fan’s team. Gathering on the street, drinking last beer before the game, they are friends at once. Most likely they won’t meet ever again, but at that moment they are friends. They are not ashamed wearing jerseys in colors that would in ordinary life never be worn. Bright yellow, bright red, black and yellow, green and yellow, can’t name all combination. Fans express their the affiliation of the statue of symbol, to the statue of common interest. I remember one occasion, just after decision of Italian Football Federation that suspended several teams, I went to a holiday with my family to Italian Coast near Marina di Grosseto. On the beach people standing in the water reading famous Gazzeta dello Sport, all articles were about that decision. I admit my italian is very poor, I understand only few phrases, can express only few words in italian as well. But when I passed by one man, I wore a swimsuit, italian would say ‘costumi da bagno’ in colors of one suspended team, that man stopped me, tried to start a conversation with me. Very soon we had a small talk about football, about our team. We were friends just like that. The fact is, there is little chance we could meet each other again, but when watching the game on TV or when going to the Football stadium I will remember that man, by the way Carlo was his name. Even small detail, even small thing of textile we wear can connect people. Wearing Vittori Swimwear ‘costumi da bagno’ you can find friends you can enjoy in good company, whereever you are. No age, no language is important, colors connect people. And Vittori Swimwear has different colors. Wearing Vittori Swimwear you will be find true friends.

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