Men’s Swimwear

When thinking of men’s swimwear, most men wave their hand away. Just leave me alone ! I have my last season’s swimsuit, one that suits me quiet ok. But is he really satisfied ? Did he impress women’s eyes ? Did he feel comfortably in his swimsuit ? Most answers are definetely NO. Men are definitely special species. They like to observe women and try to find small pieces of the skin that is not covered with swimsuits but should be. On the other hand they do not give a small chance for women’s eyes. Men like to hide with their swimsuit in the crowd. With dark blue or even black coloured swimsuit. Other colours are mostly out of the question. Honestly when looking in stores or even on webshops men do not have much choices to select. Is it so because the designers for men’s swimwear are men ? I do not know. But there is definetely a solution. Let the men’s swimwear be designed by a woman. Woman who has eyes open, woman who knows what woman want to see. Women want to see good looking swimwear on men’s body. Luckely in last month or so there is a new collection of men’s swimwear on the website  Collection that was created by young female designer Eva Jakob for young and mature men.

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